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ARISE! Magazine #1


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"This zine takes one clear theme and viewpoint and pierces it through different bands, countries and genres. From Chile to Sweden, from heavy metal to hardcore, Arise! tries to examine what is the role of rebellion in today’s extreme music – be the nature of this rebellion spiritual, social, musical or personal. 52 A4 pages and in-depth interviews with these bands and artists: HATEFUL ABANDON, GRAVMASKIN, MORBUS CHRON, DHG, ONE TAIL, ONE HEAD, SAMI KETTUNEN, PROFESSOR BLACK, MAGIC CIRCLE, ACERO LETAL, LUCIFER’S HAMMER, MIDNIGHT, GARDEN OF WORM & KOVAA RASVAA + articles from philosophers, magicians, metalheads and punkrockers & 25+ ‘rebel anthem’ recommendations from the underground."

Zine done by Antti Klemi (Kaleidoscope Zine / Serpentscope Zine & Circle Of Ouroborus).

A mandatory reading!!!


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