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Demo 2011 / Demo 2012



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"As the title of this material suggests it, we're dealing here with a compilation of the band's previous 2 demos, both selfreleased and CD and now picked up by Helldprod for a tape release. Opening up is the 2011 demo, a 3 tracks effort totaling almost 15 minutes of intense and atmospheric at the same time Extreme Metal, a strange and original mix of Crust, Thrash, Doom, Death and Black Metal very dirty sounding, mystical and somehow satanic, just think of a Crustier and Doomier Swedish Death Metal (first wave) with the energy and atmosphere the Dutch Death Metal bands managed to deliver. The second demo, the one from 2012 is made of only 2 tracks and clocks 12 minutes, and is more inclined towards Thrash Metal this time, but without loosing the Crust element. A very, very interesting band highlighted by a clever and open-minded guitar work and a charismatic vocal type a la Death, I'm sure Villainy will make their mark on the underground scene soon. Make sure you check them out asap.
Rating: 9/10" (Review from Pest Webzine)

Released by Hellprod out of Portugal.

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfAzOgl5uSA


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