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Head Home

Artist: LEAVER


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  'Head Home' splits solitude in two and lives on the borderline between the pieces. It's as fragile as the moment when silent talk is about to morph into warm silence. It's where words and echoes become one, until meaning is lost and you're disintegrating in the comfort of emptiness.

  Released April 27, 2016 in cooperation between  Amek & Serpent Eve Records (EVE008).

  Limited to 100 professionally dubbed tapes.

  Leaver is Angel Simitchiev (Mytrip) & Daniel Donchov (Expectations).

  Piano by Stoimen Stoyanov

  Recorded by Mihail Slavov
  Mastering by Marius Costache
  Artwork by Daria Manolova

Listen: https://leaverdrone.bandcamp.com/releases


*** Цена за България: 5.00 лв. + доставка.

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