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Inner Harbor

Artist: Revelation


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  Over twenty years have passed since their debut album and this, their sixth, is only their second to be pressed on vinyl. In fact, the recording was written specifically with the format in mind so 'Inner Harbor' is shorter and feels more direct. It also marks somewhat of a departure or evolution as they have openly infused a much stronger progressive flavour into the song-writing owing to the inclusion of keyboards throughout a number of the six songs. But there is no mistaking this for any band other than Revelation. The vocals, the lead breaks and the tight rhythm section are present and flowing with exuberance. Sometimes dark, sometimes airy, this may raise a few eyebrows but is well worth your time.

  Limited to 300 copies on 180gsm vinyl in a 350gsm card sleeve. Released on Pariah Child Records. NB! Slightly bend sleeve, see second photo.

Listen: https://revelationbaltimore.bandcamp.com/album/inner-harbor

Interview with John Brenner on The Obelisk: http://theobelisk.net/obelisk/2012/11/21/revelation-interview-john-brenner/


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