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Øl, Mørke Og Depresjon



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Featuring members, past and present, of some of the finest extreme bands (Gorgoroth, Shining, Bethlehem, Pantheon I, DHG, 1349 etc...). DEN SAAKALDTE now stand as one of today's best dark / black metal bands in their own right. "Ol, Mörke Og Depresjon" was originally recorded as recently as 2006/07 and released in a limited jewel case format, which quickly sold out. This is a tape re-issue of this dark/black metal masterpiece - with a raw and inspired energy. Killer riffs and suicidal vocals take you to places best left unexplored. Music of a twisted genius in creation. Comes with 2 bonus tracks, one of them being a cover of Emperor's "Night Of The Graveless Souls".

Limited to 333 copies. Released by Bylec-Tum out of Italy.



*** Цена за България: 7.00 лв. + доставка.

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