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Northern Darkness Fanzine Volume 9 is here and not only that but it is a HUGE issue, increased from 40 to 80 pages!!

There is an in depth interview with German black metal band Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, a lively discussion with Australian black/death juggernaut Denouncement Pyre, plus great features and interviews with Iron Void, the UK doom band interviewed by Steve Earles where they discuss NWOBHM and Lemmy!

There are more doom bands featured too with Serpent Warning and Bedroom Rehab Corporation, as well as chats with Ghast, Vantablack Warship, Saxorior and Skan!

To change things up a bit I interviewed three authors for this issue, from "The Cult Never Dies" series Dayal Patterson, author of the "Swedish Death Metal" book Daniel Ekeroth and ND Fanzine subscriber Lou Yardley whose first book "The Other's Voice" is a must read!

Other bands interviewed are the amazing Finnish doom/black/death band Uncreationist, from South America Tzelmoth, plus death metal from the UK and Portugal respectively, Bloodyard & Festering! Also an interview with the awesome French BM band Moonreich!

Plus Denigrata Herself returns, there is more black metal cat based comic antics from Rachael Gater, Steve Earles weighs in with reviews and blast from the past features and we welcome on board our newest writer, Georgia Curran, so lots to enjoy.


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