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Nothing But The Night

Artist: LETEO


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  Creepy, deathly horror electronics from Mexico. The more discerning black metal fans amongst you will be aware of Funereal Moon, an early black metal band who in the early 90s eschewed the "Fago" sound of all those around them and delivered a more avante, strange version of black metal, influenced more by the then-nascent European scene. Leteo was their original name and in fact the moniker under which their first demo was released.

  So, over 20 years later and Leteo has been resurrected as a duo with the inimitable Miguel Perez (of Le Mancha Del Pecado, Skull Mask and also now a member of Funereal Moon). 'Nothing But The Night' is hard to pin down to a genre, informed as it is by dark ambient, the atmosphere of black metal, and even Ennio Morriconne (maybe it's just me hearing that!).

  It's one of the most unique, haunting and suffocatingly dark recordings I've heard in a long time, and I absolutely love it.

  Numbered edition of 50 copies. Fully pro tapes and sleeves + download code.

  Released on At War With False Noise out of UK.

Listen: https://awwfn.bandcamp.com/album/nothing-but-the-night


*** Цена за България: 6.00 лв. + доставка.

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