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Regel #8 (Metal)

Artist: REGLER


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  A new record by Anders Bryngelsson and Mattin's exploratory project Regler, and where else could they release 'Metal' but through At War?! Regler is all about musical reductionism: taking the bare elements of what constitutes a genre and decompartmentalising in what initially seems to be a pretty esoteric whole.

  This chapter sees the guys taking on metal. I remember reading an interview with Masami Akita where he said he loved rock music but his favourite bit was at the end of performances where there was loads of feedback and noise and stuff getting wrecked, and that's what drove him to make "noise". This is a kinda vague variation on that.

  Limited to 300 copies in a 6-panel gloss digipak sleeve.

  Released on At War With False Noise out of UK.

Listen: https://awwfn.bandcamp.com/album/regel-8-metal


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