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The Illicit Revue



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  At long last, the second full-length from the UK's finest death metal band!

  Bonesaw have been hard at it for a few years now and although there have been a slew of split releases in the past while, it seems quite incredible that this is only their second album! Playing as they do old school death metal, aficionados of the genre will be pleased to learn that on this record they are not breaking any new ground but instead treading once more the grim and filthy road paved years past by Autopsy, Death, Master and Massacre with a degree of skill and nuance unparralleled in much of modern death metal.

  The tone is dirty, grimy, underground; the guitars have a total buzzsaw sound, underpinned by death-knell bass lines straight outta 'Retribution For The Dead'. There are slow, doomy moments and there are fast, neck-breaking grinding parts too...all boxes ticked in the "old school death metal" checklist really. Any recordthat has the lyrics "take your crucifix and shove it up your arse" is always gonna get top marks, right?

  1000 copies in 4-panel digipaks with poster lyric insert. Artwork by Dennis Dread (Darkthrone, Autopsy, Abscess etc). Co-released on At War With False Noise, UK / Unholy Anarchy, USA.

Listen: https://awwfn.bandcamp.com/album/the-illicit-revue


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